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Hi! How are you?Breaking news it works!

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Hi!How are you?
I saw it in the Oprah’s show

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The Medley

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“You are not going to live to see eighteen (18).”

If I received $20 dollars for every time I was told that my life held no purpose after I reached the age of 18, I would be able to fund Ashley and my law school tuition, with money to blow. Nonetheless, for one to have the gall, the impudent boldness, to proclaim such a murky and tragic future bemuses me and, in my younger years, disturbed my spirit. After all, I was merely a young boy trying to find his way. I was lost and held many forms of hurt, confusion, and disgruntlement. I was in need of spiritual guidance and desired to, simply, be accepted. Yet, this projection . . . the thought that my life would be over at such an early age, became a reality; and, consequently, I, awfully so, took pride that I was coined as a Menace 2 Society.

I can remember how my virginity was taken away from me. How I became pressured to become a MAN and pursue patriarchal and illogical views, and too apply such views to my daily interactions. The idea that one had to be sexually active, in his later years of elementary school, confused me. I was just a little boy, who loved to dress and play school by himself. I needed no one to validate my reasoning; BUT, I wanted to fit in and didn’t want to be an outcast, any longer. Hence, I relinquish my individuality and became a mold, another little fellow who fell into the pits of desiring acceptance. Like Beyonce, I was Scared of Loneliness.

I remember when I saw my first shooting and witness an innocent victim become another murderous statistic in our viciously grooming society called the INNER CITY, better known as the HOOD. As B.o.B. proclaims, we had no neighbors, hence, the ironical term, HOOD. I too remember when my mother was brutally beaten by my sisters’ father. She was abuse so badly and beaten so inhumanly that our kitchen, a place where my grandmothers and I once dine and converse about our daily pursuits, was then a room covered with blood and tears, emotions that no one can forget.

Additionally, I could remember the times my homeboys and I would rip and run the streets of Pleasant Grove. The trouble, the women we would abuse, the fights we would win and lose, and the lives that went astray. . .it’s a bubble, like no other, it’s a mystery that remains our history, it’s my past that didn’t last. Yet, I cannot forget when I opened our front door and outside stood men ready to bomb our home and assassinate the lives that resided within, because of the debt my uncle owed to some Jamaicans, who care not who they killed to win. Simply said, they wanted their money, and this wasn’t funny.

All the while, I remember when my aunt entered in my grandmother’s home beaten by my uncle; how my sister was raped by her father; how my grandfather would steal from me to feed his crack addiction. The memories. So maybe those people who deem themselves as psychics and predicted my early death, they knew the memoirs of the inner city youth. Yet, what they fail to recognize is that if one residing in such a lifestyle and environment could trigger their negative into a positive, that youth would figuratively die and be reborn into a beast with immense power and a thirst for knowledge and greatness that many cannot fathom.

So, to all my psychics, I didn’t die at 18. I died at 21. Yeap, I’m like Lil Wayne; I had a Rebirth. The stories that I can share and the memories that I cannot forget all contribute to my transformation. I cannot say that I am one of preeminence, YET. However, I have change and hold a strong sense of self. I’ve been reborn figuratively, mentally, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. It was moments where I believed in the power of self and did not have faith in a Higher Source. However, when I was trapped in Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, in the ICU care unit, one step away from being brain dead, and everyone around me was literally dying, God begin to reveal my purpose;  and His ability to interject what my psychics predicted and restore my mind, body, and soul, showed me that self needs a Higher Source of energy, and for me it’s through Christianity, its manages my sanity.

So, when you look at our students. You see us. We know the struggle. We have experience the hurt. Yet, Ashley and I stand as great aspiring attorneys, who are respected by all. As we prepare for our journey to law school, we appreciate and desire to acknowledge our students and those who believed and did not believe. For without your blessings and predictions, we would not be the warriors we are today.

Pipeline 2 College lives within. We are forever young and will last for a life time. Thanks – You’re far too kind. After all, hold your applause, this is your story not mine.