About Pipeline 2 College

Pipeline to College is a pilot program geared towards the C average or better student. Pipeline’s students may encounter behavioral struggles and/or socioeconomic barriers, while trying to uphold a high success rate. Moreover, Pipeline has partnered with Dallas County High Schools which are academically unacceptable. Pipeline will assist interested Juniors and Seniors, in their pursuits and goals after graduating from their respective high schools.

The program is spearheaded by five different components. Pipeline desires to assist its students in Discovery Oneself, College and/or Trade School Research, Standardize Prep Testing and Practicing, Professional Guidance and Research, and Mentorship. We believe, through our undergraduate experiences, that these components are extremely essential when trying to become successful.

The founders are recent, 2009, graduates from Morehouse and Spelman College, prospective law students who deferred admissions, and are esteemed scholars and philanthropists. Additionally, both founders are products of Dallas County’s under performing high schools and have overcome the very obstacles that some of their students face. Thereto, while there are other organizations that share the same goal, the students relate to the founders on a different level, due to their young age and relation to the student’s lives, struggles, and culture.


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